Artist Statement

I refer to the current pieces as mandalas, not in the sense of any particular religious tradition, but as objects that invite contemplation or wonder; a thing to get lost in. Many have nothing at their center except for the blank wall upon which they rest. A collection of individual universes, each with its own particular mix of elements, circling a calm emptiness.

I tend to use colors drawn from an organic pallet, so it seems like something that could have happened regardless of my presence. I’ll never be as good of an artist as nature with some time and weather, but I can emulate it by creating a space for the materials to interact. The results often allude to other natural phenomena. Whether it’s tree rings or particle physics, a single cell or an electrical storm, I try to corral all those inferences into one story of mutual interaction. What does a feather say to a nebula? Is a brain scan a comment on cell division? There’s something in the interplay between the order and chaos that I’m trying to catch a snapshot of.